Total Hockey West hosts free JMS open house!

by barbaragarn

I took a tour of the new facility in St. Louis Park this month, and it is awesome. There are two reduced rinks (Hat Trick Hockey) and a dedicated off-ice training area: our old friends, Total Hockey West.

Cory Peterson, director of training, described the 90-minute Total Hockey West sessions: they start with a warmup before moving to slider boards (with booties!), balance and other technique workouts, stickhandling and puck skills. Participants will also skate up the fake-ice ramp with timed splits. The ramp is designed for “first step quickness,” Cory said. It works as a positioning and technique aid as skaters push up the 4-degree incline, which helps identify troublesome or inefficient habits. The facility also has a dedicated shooting area with four stations, including radar gun (time your shot!), lighted goalie targets, corner work and an Ultimate Passer.

Cory himself has won two state titles with Jefferson, was drafted by the Dallas Stars, went to Canada to play in the OHL and then went on to play seven seasons of pro hockey until an eye injury forced his retirement. Cory is a great coach and you’ll learn lots from him and the others he’s selected to train at the facility, including Ben Gordon of the Gophers and Blake Freisen of Mankato. The workout is great and players will combine learning techniques with good conditioning.

I’m hoping to start at least one night a week for adult sessions at Total Hockey West. Cory has scheduled a free JMS open house for July 27. We will have two sessions, one at 7 p.m. and one at 8.30 p.m. that evening. (While the event is free, I want to make sure that everyone who says they’re coming actually shows up. I’ll require a $10 deposit, refundable on your account immediately after the session on July 27.) What a great opportunity to see this super new facility and test drive the fantastic off-ice training at Total Hockey West!

The sessions are designated JMS “Level 0,” which means all experience levels. People just learning hockey work out with people who played in high school and beyond. It’s a mixed group and since the focus is different from a dynamic, on-ice situation, it really works to have a wide range of abilities all training together; feedback is individualized depending on the skater’s experience.

Sign up for the [url=]7 p.m. or [url=]8.30 p.m. session and come prepared for intense physical activity. Bring your skates, stick and gloves and dress in workout clothes. Full info about the facility is at [url=]Total Hockey West.

Hope to see you there on July 27!