Star Trek hockey

by barbaragarn

I’m on a “Star Trek: Enterprise” binge this weekend, and so I started wondering about the Star Trek universe and hockey… and the future of hockey.

One of my teammates years ago had a Star Trek (United Federation of Planets) jersey he wore to scrimmages… which pretty much he and I alone thought was way cool. However, I have long felt that of all the species in the Star Trek universe, Klingons would take most enthusiastically to hockey, and kick Federation butt. I admit–with only the tiniest bit of embarrassment–to actually ordering a ten-inch Klingon Empire patch and a plain Calgary Flames jersey to apply it to. (I haven’t yet.) I found someone on eBay who can actually embroider in Klingon, too. Hmm…

Someone stop me before I have a terminal geek attack!

I did find evidence of ice hockey in [url=]”Star Trek: Voyager” (pic though alas no clip):

Tom Paris had a hockey holoprogram aboard the USS Voyager that Harry Kim was familiar with. (Episode “Ashes to Ashes”) In 2377, Tom and Harry played the program. The Nausicaan goalie for the other team was very good, and aggressive, and the two left the program with many bruises on their faces. They were worried that the Doctor was going to yell at them again, as they often got bruised up when playing hockey and other sports on the holodeck. (Episode “Critical Care”)

The point of sci fi shows is kind of narcissistic: we imagine the future extrapolated from our present. We look at how things are, and how they were, and guess at how they will be. I looked at the pic of the two characters in their hockey gear; the equipment seems the same as ours now, except the jerseys are shinier.

I guess someone at Paramount doesn’t play hockey. Or they didn’t want to bother designing new gear. Because I think the biggest changes in hockey history have been related to technological stuff: equipment. Better goalie gear, sticks that flex, better skates and better protective gear.

Star Trek future or not, hockey will still be around in 100, 200, probably 300 years. How do you think our game will change in that time?

Live long and prosper.