Bring on the Drama

by barbaragarn

We need a hockey reality TV show.

I’m not a connoisseur of the genre, but I’ve seen enough to know that adult rec hockey has everything a reality TV show producer could want: high-stakes emotions, people firmly wedded to their positions, clueless folks eager to lecture others, undressed bodies, shouting matches–and beer.

It’s perfect for reality TV, the kind of “can’t watch, can’t look away” stuff those shows feed on. And I’m not even talking about CREATING drama, just capturing it. Think about the teams you’ve been on. The situations you’ve seen. Oh yeah, you can’t make this stuff up.

Okay, I think some guys in Canada made something LIKE a reality TV show–it was supposed to look that way, but was actually scripted. I wasn’t a fan… it was all men and the women were one-dimensional, and always against the guys going off to play hockey. (Whatever!)

What do you think? Should we call Fox? They seem to have the splashiest ones. I know they were sniffing around the Twin Cities hockey community for a family for that Wife Swap show.

Just… please not MY team, thank you.