Gossip from the X

by barbaragarn

I spoke to my “unnamed source” on Friday night and learned some tidbits of news about happenings at the Xcel Energy Center, home of the Minnesota Wild.

Apparently the X was scheduled to get all new boards–it was discussed last summer and into the early part of the season.

And then CRUNCH, the economy crashed, recession, etc., and the X deciders then spoke of resurfacing the boards, but keeping the structure. As in, cleaning up how they looked but not making other changes.

And the last Mr Unnamed Source heard (in January), was that just the benches would be replaced. When I’ve played at the X, I noticed the (extra-tall) benches wobbly annoyingly back and forth. It’s just not restful to sit on them. Source agreed it was vexing, and noted this was because they were removable (so the facility can be used for concerts, RNC convention etc). “But,” he noted, “we should still be able to have benches that don’t wiggle.” I agree.

Apparently the ice goes in on June 29 for the prospect camp. Other teams do this, too, but unlike Minnesota, not usually in their big building. “I guess it’s easier to do, all in one place,” said Source.

He ended our conversation still lamenting the condition of the boards. “They’re so visible,” he said. “Everybody sees them–the fans, the players, the opposing teams, people watching TV. It’s too bad we can’t redo them.”

Watch for details about the prospect camp on June 29…