Are you cool?

by barbaragarn

As the days heat up, it’s harder to stay cool in the rink.

What do you do for body heat management? I blogged about [url=]proper sports drinks (and how they contain those vital electrolytes).

So, what we drink is important, but what about how we dress? I don’t change my under-gear clothing specially for summer hockey, though I know plenty of people who do. I’ve always found the wicking shirts to be too heavy and they get clogged with sweat.

I’m sure someone else could talk about how important head coverings are for heat management (and remembering Mom in the winter: “Put a hat on! You’ll catch a cold!”). I HAVE found that using my skull cap–made of wicking material–keeps the sweat out of my eyes and makes me feel much cooler. When I forget it, my head is so hot it’s hard to focus on the game.

Other people have other strategies. We all know a certain goalie who plays without a jersey, she will remain nameless here but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Haha, funny.

So what’s your hot weather strategy? Do you have one?

This topic reminds me of my favorite and least favorite things about summer hockey: that lovely cool feeling, walking into the rink from the muggy heat of the day. And the worst thing–getting all sweaty and sticky and having to go back out again.