New sessions EVERYWHERE

by barbaragarn

People have been asking for new sessions close to home. You’ve seen the forum posts, and *I* have seen the many e-mails with these requests.

Voila! I have booked this ice for you.

I put my checkbook on the line, so I hope all who asked will respond by signing up so I don’t go broke, or worse, we have too few skaters and the session sucks. Nobody wants that. So sign up!

The newly-added sessions are:

Level 2: Mondays at Bloomington

Level 3: Mondays at Burnsville AND Tuesdays at Wakota AND Tuesdays at Fogerty (starts June 30) AND Tuesdays at Eden Prairie (now solidified)

Level 4: Mondays at New Hope AND Wednesdays at St. Thomas Academy (in Mendota Heights)

Okay, if these go bust… nobody is allowed to complain about me “not booking enough sessions” for, say, six whole months. Deal?

I want these to work, not for money but because I WANT you to have hockey in your backyard. Get nearby friends and neighbors to sign up–I’ve done what *I* can to make the sessions viable–now you can recruit folks you know and we’ll have a perfect situation: the sessions are close to home for YOU and no worry about filling them or keeping them going for ME.

Thank you for your help in making JMS function so well, and for contributing to the success of a flexible parity-based program for Twin Cities hockey players of all levels!!!