Pondering the Pros

by barbaragarn

This is the last week of the hockey season, the pinnacle: the Stanley Cup playoffs.

What do you think the players are thinking about?

For us, hockey is a game, it’s something we do to have fun, stay in shape, even see friends. It falls squarely into the realm of PLAY.

But what about that very small segment of hockey players for whom it is WORK?

How do you think this changes how they approach the game, how they feel about it?

I’m sure they enjoy that Zen moment when the pass cycles perfectly and the last person one-times it into the net. But is there JOY for them, like there is for us?

I know anything I HAVE to do makes me ornery. Do the pros start to feel that way about hockey?
How sad.

Maybe we are luckier than the players in the NHL. We play for fun, and we’re free to enjoy it unfettered by deals, contracts, performance quotas, licensing agreements and all that hullaballoo.

Just plain hockey. For them, it’s work. For us, it’s fun.