To Stink or Not to Stink

by barbaragarn

That is the question.

I took a shower this morning after finishing the EXCELLENT [url=]Rob Little morning skills clinic, but only because I was heading to work. (GREAT shooting drills btw!)

Breck has nice showers but some rinks aren’t so clean. Some rinks (SLP west, Richfield rink 1), yeeesh. I wouldn’t even go in there with flip-flops–or a HazMat suit–on.

I don’t normally shower after hockey, I’ll go home gross and shower there… if necessary. (One of the benefits of being single! I can stink it up all I want!)

I DO know people who shower religiously, no mater how nasty the shower facilities, after every session. Even if they’re just going home.

Are you one of these people? Do you feel the need to shower after every skate?
Or are you–like me–permanently committed to the stinky life?