Handheld Sharpeners

by barbaragarn

Love them? Hate them?

I don’t own one, but I’ve heard people swear by them–and swear AT them.

My humble experience with these tools has been limited. In my short hockey career, I’ve had many times when I’ve forgotten to sharpen my skates and realized only in the locker room that they were in terrible shape–whether from sitting in the guards and getting rusty, or just being too worn down to use an edge.

Of those times, when I’ve complained bitterly out loud, on just a few occasions I’ve been offered a handheld skate sharpening tool.

I wouldn’t want to use one INSTEAD of getting regular sharpenings, but these little gadgets seemed to work okay for the emergency or “quick and dirty” uses.

Do you have one? Do you use it? Is it worth it, or does it destroy your skates?

I’m most interested in seeing the replies of folks who have been playing hockey a long time (ie, decade or more) and have experience with these tools. I just haven’t used these tools enough to have a real opinion on them.