Stinky on the Bench

by barbaragarn

How do you keep your gear from smelling disgusting?

I air mine out–I have a hockey tree and when it’s muggy, I turn a fan on the stuff. I used to just dump my hockey bag out on the floor, but the tree works better even though it’s a pain to hang it all up.

Some people have a dedicated room in their house, or a special contraption–homemade or purchased–to adequately dry stuff. I know the Shock Doctor power dry kit works pretty well, though the bags are kind of awkward to carry around. Still, it’s convenient.

I know some people who regularly get their stuff Esporta cleaned. And some use it and leave it in the bag to get… fetid… between games. I can only imagine how cold that must be in the winter… yow!

We’ve all had to sit on the bench with someone stinky. Have you ever had to do the “Sorry dude, but you REALLY need to air out your gear” conversation? How did that go?

Share your own tips for gear sanitation or horror stories here…