Hair Glue

by barbaragarn

I don’t wear gel. Or mousse. Or hairspray or… any kind of glue in my hair.

As an active person, I learned a long time ago that prolonged physical activity (sweat) and hair glue are not a good combination.

I’m finicky anyway, and the feeling of sticky, sweaty hair glue dripping down the back of my neck, or in my ears, is just too icky to be believed. (I’m cringing as I type this. Eeyew!)

Have you changed your hairdo habits since starting hockey?

I stopped putting gunk in my hair back in 1993, when I stopped wearing makeup (totally separate soap box there). It wasn’t for athletic reasons, but I’ve enjoyed the benefits as I’ve returned to athletics. I was a swimmer growing up, so day-long meets of wet-dry-wet-dry set me on the path to swearing off hair glue all together.

But I had long hair when I started to play hockey, and I hated how it felt under my helmet. I sweat like a pig, and the PRESSURE of my disgustingly sweaty head with all my hair, pushing and pushing on my skull… I just cut it all off and went back to the short ‘do I had before college.

So– has hockey influenced your haircare choices? Or even other elements of your appearance? I guess I could see where maybe having a mustache would get sweaty and yucky. Hmm.

Sweat is bad enough. Mixing it with hair glue–and then feeling it … spread around, that’s almost too gross for words. It’s hockey. Nobody cares what you look like, and we can’t see under your helmet anyway.