Crotch Peas

by barbaragarn

Don’t eat them.

This is a big bag of frozen peas–appropriately labeled!!–that should never be consumed.

This EXTREMELY useful hockey item lives in your freezer until you pull your groin and need something handy that will conform to your body contours, so you can sit on the couch and watch TV as you ice your hurtful parts. (Guys, I’m told this works for painful cup-checks, too.) The peas’ shape and packaging flexibility are perfect for application to difficult and painful places.

Other non-hockey things that have hockey uses include average glue sticks–see discussion in JMS forums, [url] — that work just fine without the hockey-specific price tag.

I’ve also heard of people using surf wax for their hockey blade, thank you Mr. Zog and your stalwart (and amusingly-named) “sex wax.”

What about hockey items that have non-hockey uses?

Every morning when I wash my face at the sink, I put a hockey sock over my head to pull back my hair, out of my eyes. Yes, this looks extremely amusing, but it does the trick.

I have read that many cowboys on the rodeo circuit are opting for hockey helmets–the New York Times ran a very interesting article about it: [url]

Personally, I’ve used a helmet with cage outside of hockey only a few times–when I first started playing, I’d put on the helmet and play with my dogs on the living room floor. Besides freaking them out, it kept their doggy slobbery mouths from reaching my face… it amused me to vex them. (Yeah, I have no life. I’m not proud. But it was funny!)

Any other non-hockey items useful for our game, or hockey objects that do duty outside the hockey sphere?