Food on Game Day

by barbaragarn

Does anybody else watch what they eat on game day?

I’ve known people who can eat a nice full meal and then go play hockey, but I’m not one of them. I can’t eat a big meal–or even a little one–hours and hours before hockey. If I’m skating in the evening, I have a huge and late lunch with plenty of protein and then drink water all afternoon. I just can’t skate with anything in my stomach.

One team I was on banned Taco Bell on game day, for obvious reasons. And somehow at pick-up, there’s always one guy who had raw onions for lunch… ish.

This year I started using PowerBars; they give energy if I haven’t had time to eat my huge lunch, but they also seem to digest really fast. I don’t get that awful “heavy stone in tum” feeling with those.

And, if I remember, the night before a game I’ll try to eat more carbs than I would normally. But really, this is just an excuse to eat more carbs.