Sharpening Skates

by barbaragarn

I know I don’t sharpen my skates enough.

Obviously, there’s the lazy/busy component.
I know it’s wrong; feel them slide out from under me when I try a sharp turn. I don’t like really sharp skates, though, and the way they feel like they’re grabbing at the ice all the time. I guess I’d rather err on the side of too dull than too sharp–at least I feel more in control that way.
Or at least I think I feel like I am.

I haven’t set on a pattern for sharpening skates. I tried. For a while, I had a sharpening plan, but it was only free on certain days, and I always forgot my skates on the special day… so I endured another week of dull skates and cautious turns, instead of just paying the $3 someplace else. I’m sure that’s why sport shops have plans like this–people like me pay a bunch of money and then forget to come in. My own fault.

And I know there is a “special tool” I could get, keep in my bag for a pinch. The little tool rubs down the blade and gives a bit more edge. I’ve used them before and they seem to work okay.
I know I should get one. But I don’t.

I do think that I’m off the hook with my sharpening laziness in the summer; most rinks have softer ice when it’s warm out, so having a duller skate isn’t an issue–and sometimes is actually better. And so I’ll let my skates go even longer in the summertime.

If my skates are too sharp, I learned to rub them on the plastic under the board door to the ice. Or, on the ice, grind them left and right while holding onto the boards.

It’s like Golidlocks and the Three Bears: I don’t want them too sharp and I don’t want them too dull; I want them just right.